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How Does Salt Therapy Improve Performance?

Improved Respiratory and Cardiovascular function: Salt therapy increases the airways. Bacteria in our airways causes breathing issues, and salt therapy cleans the bacteria from the airways. Those who take salt therapy have an increase in respiratory volume, improved oxygen levels, improved cardiovascular performance as well as decreased heart rate and breathing rate1. These multifaceted benefits make salt therapy a wonderful tool for those who want more athletic energy, better breath control, and peak performance. The better oxygen flow, the better the muscle recovery.

Does Salt Therapy Support the Immune System?

Mitigate Cold Flus and Viruses: During a study of people with rheumatic diseases like arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus and gout, researchers found that salt therapy affects certain antigens and stimulated antibodies1.

Isn’t Salt Bad for You?

If eating too much salt can be harmful, then would salt therapy cause the same problem – raised blood pressure and cardiac disease? In short, no, salt therapy is not the same thing as digesting too much salt. Is it the same thing as eating salt? Human blood has a salt concentration of 0.9%. Cry, and you will taste a saltiness on your cheek from saline in tear ducts. Our bodies are naturally a little bit salty.  But, in a salt therapy session, a client’s salt intake is 100 times less than the daily recommended value. Most of the salt is inhaled, and as it thins mucus, it exits the body.